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The Art of Crepes | Hatco Corporation | Krampouz
The Art of Crepes | Catherine Merdy-Goasdoué

Now that you've gotten your Hatco®/Krampouz® Crepe Maker, it's time to get to cooking!

Purchase your copy of Catherine Merdy-Goasdoué's award-winning culinary guide, "The Art of Crêpes," so you can become a crêpe expert! Catherine's guide takes you on a crêpe journey — starting with the history of the crêpe, then focusing on the methodology, and ending with the art of crêpe making.

Contact us at [email protected] to get your copy of "The Art of Crêpes" today!
List price is $96 USD / $120 CAD.

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Tarte Sarrasine

Tarte Sarrasine