Quiz: Which Merchandising Solution is Right for You?

Merchandiser, Holding Cabinet or Heated Shelf

You need quality foodservice equipment to help keep food warm, tasty, and safe to eat. But, the options — oh the options. Take our quick-n-easy quiz to find out which merchandising solution is right for you.
To avoid unsafe, soggy or dried-out food, ensure that your warming solution utilizes the right kind of heat (e.g., precise, dry, moist) for your menu.
Where your equipment is situated impacts considerations like color, durability, look and feel, product visibility, unit size, and more.
While you can often have it all, figuring out your most important need helps prioritize solution options.
The style of edges you typically look for in equipment says a lot about the aesthetic you’re after. It’s a great attribute to consider when deciding between similar solutions!
Equipment is designed for the safety, appeal and convenience of its users, so it’s important to identify who will primarily use your equipment.
To avoid changing the existing packaging or kitchenware used to transport food from kitchen to holding, ensure it works well with your warming solution.
Certain equipment facilitates longer or shorter hold times. Consider duration to ensure your solution protects the integrity and safety of the food.
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